The Kessler Family Trip to Maui

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In July 2008 we took a famiy vacation to Maui, Hawaii.
The first 5 days we stayed in Kapalua.
The second 5 days we stayed in Kihei.

Last year we went to Oahu and in 2006 we went to Kauai.
We had so much fun we had to make another trip.

We stayed in a condo at Kapalua and were able to use the pool at the Ritz Carlton:

Off the golf course there is a rock formation called Dragon's Teeth:

The kids could never get enough of the beach:

We went to a Luau - which is always a party:

We watched the sunset whenever we could:

We went to the Maui Ocean Center. It is the same idea as the Monterey Bay Aquarium
but with different sea creatures. This fish with big teeth would keep coming to the surface
and try to spit at me.

We went to the Maui Tropical Plantation and saw how a coconut tree grows, how to husk a coconut
and the monkey face that is hidden inside. We also saw coffee plants, Mangos, Apple Bananas,
Macadamia Nut trees and many others.

Around the island we saw lots of exotic plants. I have no idea what these are but they look wild:

We saw turtles up close at the ocean center but also spotted them from the shore many times:

We visited the Iao Valley:

I love driving around the island and taking in the scenery:

I enjoyed taking pictures of Molokini from different angles:

We drove up to the top of Haleakala but rain clouds came in and obscured our view: