I sent this letter to the president after the Oklahoma City bombing. He was considering new Anti-Terrorism Legislation. The bill eventually passed.

To: president@whitehouse.gov
From: kessler@stilton.cisco.com (Andrew Kessler)
Subject: Mr. President
Date: Sat, 6 May 1995 21:31:23 -0700

Dear Mr. President,

First I would like to say that I am as outraged as you are by the events
in Oklahoma City. This was a very unfortunate incident perpetrated by an
unbalanced extremist. 

I think it is very important to keep that perspective - that this act
was executed by an UNBALANCED extremist - not the run of the mill nut or
someone exercising their constitutional rights. 

I am concerned with some of your proposals of the last few weeks
about new legislation to increase the powers of the FBI and other law
enforcement agencies. You have also spoken out about talk radio
spreading the word of hate and the possibility that it could be linked
to the bombing. 

I am writing you to ask that you reconsider your position on these

I feel that the Government has more than enough power now to wire tap
and infiltrate any extremist group they need. Increasing their reach
will only infringe upon the privacy and civil rights of innocent people. 

As far as talk radio, I agree that it is disappointing that some people 
play on the frustrations of others just for ratings. The way to combat
this is to engage in debate and discussion. Present your own ideas.
I always thought this was a major strength of your administration. No 
extremist radio talk show could have caused the bombing in Oklahoma
City - only the lack of discussion and reason. 

If we allow ourselves to be swept up in the emotions of the moment and
lose what we value the most - our privacy and freedoms - then the
terrorists have won. 


Andrew Kessler

Answer from the President